Our College of Biomedical Sciences aims to develop an academic community engaged in teaching, research, scholarship, and service that provides an opportunity for individuals aspiring to health science careers to prepare for professional studies in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy or research.

The College of Pharmacy prepares pharmacists for compassionate, evidence-based and interprofessional practice in diverse settings, and has a vision to be recognized as a community that is a catalyst for innovation and collaboration in health care.


The Office of Admissions is here to assist you throughout the application process. As you decide to apply to us, we encourage you to connect with our Office of Admission. You can attend one of our upcoming open house or an information session to learn more about our program. You can also learn about our program from the comfort of you own home by attending a webinar. Throughout the year we visit university and college campuses across the country and are happy to schedule a  meeting with a future student during our visit.


The Institute pursues scholarly and critical analysis of fundamental questions of Biology, Sociology, Psychology and Medicine. With education and research, the Institute advances the development of solutions that promote the common good of medicine and society.

The Institute nurtures and values cultural, social and intellectual diversity, and welcomes faculty, staff, and students of all traditions. The Institute was founded upon the caring and giving of a community hospital.

Larkin Health Sciences Institute enjoys an integrated relationship with Larkin Community Hospital. The student interaction with healthcare professionals will provide a unique environment that fosters active learning. The hospital already supports a nursing school and the largest DO residency training program at a hospital in the United States and offers training more than 36 specialties.


To educate students in a multicultural, multiethnic environment utilizing interprofessional education, modern technologies and knowledge founded on evidence-based science to serve the needs of our community, our nation and the world.

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