Academic Affairs and Assessment

We would like to welcome you to an innovative pharmacy program and to provide an introduction to the functions of the Office of Academic Affairs and Assessment. The academic part of the program is based on a block system of content delivery i.e. each subject area is covered in a focused 2-week block before moving on to the next subject. After the basic sciences are completed in the first year, each subject area, such as Respiratory Disorders, is presented in a multidisciplinary and interactive approach that includes the pathophysiology, pharmacology, medicinal chemistry and therapeutics of Respiratory Disorders.

The main functions of Academic Affairs are to ensure that each component of the curriculum is delivered effectively, that testing is rigorous but fair, and that exams are conducted and grades released in an efficient manner. Where remediation is needed, this office provides oversight to ensure that it is conducted appropriately. Before a student graduates, this office ensures that all degree requirements have been met.

The college will continuously assess the effectiveness of all aspects of its functioning. For this purpose, tools such as surveys of students, faculty and other members of the campus community will be used. An important part of this function, is the assessment of the effective delivery of the curriculum, ensuring that every aspect of the content is delivered in accordance with our predetermined academic goals and vision. Other facets of the college’s activities, from the interview process up to graduation and alumni relations, will also be assessed.