Assistant Professor

Department of Clinical and Administrative Sciences
College of Pharmacy
Larkin University

Contact Information

Office: Room 2505
Office Phone: (305) 760-7497

Office Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays 3-4 pm and by appointment

Education and Training


University of Florida College of Pharmacy

Gainesville, FL


Clinical & Experimental Therapeutics

University of Georgia College of Pharmacy

Athens, GA

Teaching Interests

Being in academia and in acute clinical pharmacy practice for several years, I believe in equipping students with the needed tools to develop leadership in medication therapy decision making. I am passionate about improving patient care and patient safety through education and multidisciplinary medication use management. I believe pharmacists are in a privileged position to improve their communities in any setting they choose to practice.

In the classroom, I teach Pharmacotherapy across the curriculum, Cardio and Cerebrovascular Illnesses, Evidence-Based Medicine and Pharmacy Law and Administration. I also serve as an experiential preceptor and clinical pharmacist and offer the following APPEs: Internal Medicine (Acute Adult Medicine); Acute Cardiology; Medication Use Systems and Policy; Student-tailored APPEs; Pharmacy Regulatory Affairs: Organizational, State and National, Health-System Public Policy; and Community Outreach.

Scholarly Interests

My past scholarly work includes basic research studying the involvement of matrix metalloproteinases 2 and 9 and other mediators and clinical markers in acute stroke patients and helping design and develop adverse drug studies of tissue plasminogen activator to improve its safety, both in pre-clinical (cell-lines and animal), and clinical (human) observational, and interventional studies (clinical trial phase I ).

I am currently interested in learning more about the outcomes of cardio and cerebrovascular medications in special populations, including genetic-diverse Hispanics and other racial groups, as there are health disparities across patient populations that are affected by ethnic background, health culture sensitivity and socioeconomic factors. I am also interested in learning more about the shaping of medication-related and general healthcare policy and the role of pharmacists in improving access and care to their patients.