Assistant Professor

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
College of Pharmacy
Larkin University

Contact Information

Office: Room TBA
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Education and Training


Lebanese American University

Beirut, Lebanon


Lebanese American University

Beirut, Lebanon

Ph.D. – Medicinal Chemistry/ Biochemistry

Florida International University

Miami, Florida

Teaching Interests

Dr. Chbib’s teaching interests include various foundational clinical science courses, such as Biochemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmacology, Infectious Disease, Endocrinology, Internal Medicine and Community/Outpatient Pharmacy Practice.

Scholarly Interests

Dr. Chbib’s research goals are directed towards designing and synthesizing new molecules that might have therapeutic activities in different clinical fields. Her graduate work centered around designing and synthesizing nucleoside analogues constructed with features that are chemically activated in the initial step of an enzyme mechanism where spontaneous subsequent reactions cause enzyme inactivation. Dr.  Chbib have developed several strategies for the synthesis of two novel classes of S-ribosylhomocysteine analogues which were designed as potential inhibitors of the S-ribosylhomocyteinase enzyme found in both Gram-positive and ‑negative bacteria. Her research interest also includes testing the synthesized analogues’ activity in vitro and determining their pharmacokinetic characteristics. In 2016, Dr. Chbib was invited to present her research at the 5th Zing Nucleic Acid  Conference in Tampa, FL.

Selected Publications

Chbib C. Synthesis of isomeric analogues of S-ribosylhomocysteine analogues with homocysteine unit attached to C2 of ribose. Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters 27:1681-1685 (2017)

Chbib C, Sobczak AJ, Mugdal M, Gonzales C, Lumpuy, D, Nagaj J, Stokowa-Soltys K, Wnuk SF. S-ribosylhomocysteine analogues modified at the ribosyl C-4 position. Journal of Sulfur Chemistry 37:307-327 (2016)

Sobzak A, Chbib C, Wnuk SF. S-Ribosylhomocysteine analogues containing a [4-thio]ribose ring. Carbohydrate Research 415:39-47 (2015)

Saab YB, Kabbara W, Chbib C, Gard PR. Buccal cell DNA extraction: Yield, purity, and cost: a comparison of two methods. Genetic Testing 11:413-416 (2007)

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Selected Recent Presentations

Chbib C, Wnuk SF. Design and synthesis of S-ribosylhomocysteine analogues. 14th International Conference on the Chemistry of Antibiotics and other Bioactive Compounds, Galveston Island, Texas, October 13-16, 2015.

Chbib C. The role of pharmacists in smoking cessation therapy. 40th American Society of Health-System Pharmacists Annual Midyear Clinical Meeting, Las Vegas, Nevada, December 2-7, 2006.


Board certified pharmacist (Florida)

Board certified immunizer

Medication therapy management certificate 2016