Assistant Professor & Director of Assessment

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
College of Pharmacy
Larkin University

Contact Information

Office: Room 2203
Office Phone: (305) 760-7471

Office Hours: By Appointment

Education and Training


Cairo University

Cairo, Egypt


University of Georgia

Athens, Georgia


Drug Development

State University of New York/Novartis

Buffalo, New York

Teaching Interests

Dr. Elgebaly’s teaching interests include various Pharm.D. courses, such as Pathophysiology, Gastro-Intestinal Tract and Cardiovascular Diseases.

Scholarly Interests

Dr. Elgebaly’s research encompasses studying the biomarkers of stroke in diabetic patients. His academic and industrial research experience was focused towards leading phase I clinical trials in translational medicine and studying the prognostic value of hemorrhagic transformation biomarkers. His methods integrate advanced computational methods with traditional laboratory techniques and cell cultures in a translational way in order to understand the role of various biomarkers in causing and/or worsening hemorrhagic transformation in diabetic stroke.

Selected Publications

Elgebaly MM, Ogbi S, Li W, Mezzetti EM, Prakash R, Johnson MH, Bruno A, Fagan SC, Ergul A. Neurovascular injury in acute hyperglycemia and diabetes: A comparative analysis in experimental stroke. Translational Stroke Research 2:391-398 (2011)

Kelly-Cobbs AI, Harris AK, Elgebaly MM, Li W, Sachidanandam K, Portik-Dobos V, Johnson M, Ergul A. Endothelial endothelin B receptor-mediated prevention of cerebrovascular remodeling is attenuated in diabetes because of up-regulation of smooth muscle endothelin receptors. Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics 337:9-15 (2011)

Elgebaly MM, Prakash R, Li W, Ogbi S, Johnson MH, Mezzetti EM, Fagan SC, Ergul A. Vascular protection in diabetic stroke: role of matrix metalloprotease-dependent vascular remodeling. Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism 30:1928-1938 (2010)

Selected Recent Presentations

Li W, Elgebaly MM, Kelly-Cobbs A, Sachidanandam K, Ergul A. Endothelin B receptor blockade promotes cerebrovascular remodeling in control but prevents it in diabetic rats: Relation to blood pressure. 63rd Annual High Blood Pressure Research Conference, Washington DC, October 13-16, 2010.

Ceacareanu AC, Elgebaly MM, Hong C, Epstein M, Wintrob ZA, Yeow D, Boateng H, Welt JM, Fu H, Wightman S, Shah A, Ng PW, Forrest A. Diabetes pharmacotherapy: A potential modifier for breast cancer prognosis? 101st AACR Annual Meeting, Washington DC, April 17-21, 2010.

Prakash R, Elgebaly MM, Ogbi S, Li W, Johnson MH, Mezzetti EM, Ergul A. Vascular protection in diabetic stroke: Role of matrix metalloprotease-dependent vascular remodeling. International Stroke Conference, San Antonio TX, February 24-26, 2009.


Awards and Honors

Best Teacher Award 2016, South University School of Pharmacy, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Columbia, SC.

Mortar and Pestle Award 2015, South University School of Pharmacy, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Columbia, SC.

Rho Chi Honor Society, University of Georgia, Athens, GA.