Program Outline

The curriculum will use a block format (two-week blocks) to incorporate a traditional four year curriculum into three calendar years by using summer semesters and a full time schedule from 9 am to 4 pm on most weekdays. Students will be in class for years 1 and 2 where they will receive traditional lectures that are reinforced with problem based learning and other active learning strategies. Additionally, the block system will integrate coursework so that students are not learning material for different topics independently. The third year will be an experiential year. The curriculum is designed to meet the standards determined by ACPE (Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education). The table below will summarize the didactic and experiential blocks for the curriculum.

Year 1

Year 1, Semester 1Year 1, Semester 2Year 1, Summer Semester

Total Credits for Year 1:   54

Year 2

Year 2, Semester 1Year 2, Semester 2

Total Credits for Year 2:     45

Year 3

Total Credits for Year 3:     42