Welcome to the Office of Student Financial Services (OSFS). At Larkin University, we are committed to providing each student with information to assist in the understanding of the financial assistance process and making financial decisions. Investing in your educational future is an immense decision and we are here to help facilitate the process. The OSFS at Larkin University provides support to students who need financial assistance in order to pay tuition and living expenses- while attending school. At Larkin University students are able to receive financial assistance in the form of Private Student Loan and scholarship that are offered outside of LU. The OSFS has established procedures which assure fair and consistent treatment of all applicants.

We have established a standard allowance for your direct and indirect expenses. The direct expenses are tuition and fee charges to the student’s account made by the institution. Included in the Cost of Attendance (COA) budget are expenses that are indirectly related to your education, such as an estimate for housing, food/household supplies, transportation and personal miscellaneous expenses. In keeping with common practice among financial aid administrators, the cost for indirect expenses is intended to provide a “modest but adequate” standard of living. Maximum allotted amount to borrow for indirect expenses cannot exceed total $24,600 (Fall/Spring/Summer). Students can apply for and receive financial resources up to their COA budget (direct and indirect expenses). It is our recommendation that students borrow only what is needed and what he/she reasonably repay.

Total Annual Direct COA (33 Credits)
Tuition ($770 per credit hour) $ 25,410.00
Indirect COA
Term 1  Term 2  Term 3
Transportation $ 666.67  $ 666.67  $ 666.67
Personal Expenses $ 333.33  $ 333.33  $ 333.33
Books/Supplies $ 400.00  $ 400.00  $ 400.00
Room and Board $ 6,800.00  $ 6,800.00  $ 6,800.00
Other Institutional Fees
Late Registration  $ 100.00
Tuition Late Payment  $ 150.00
Returned Check  $ 100.00
Lost I.D. Card  $ 15.00
Official Transcript Request (each)  $ 10.00


LU offers Private Student Loans through various lenders. Private Student Loans are applied for on an annual basis, at the beginning of the academic year. Private Student Loans are based on the creditworthiness of the borrower. You can increase your chances of getting approved and receiving a lower interest rate by applying with a credit worthy co-borrower. Prior to applying for Private Student Loans, review your credit score. A good credit score means you are more likely to be approved for the student loan, and at a lower interest rate. Repayment begins after graduation or after a student falls below less than half time or student’s last date of attendance, whichever comes first. Private Student Loan interest rates different for all lender, depending on the borrower’s credit history.  Understanding your rights and responsibilities is extremely important when considering Private Student Loans. Choose the loan that is most suitable for you by considering each lender’s terms and conditions. Please click on the box below to learn more on all the loan options offered by our lenders and how to understand your credit score.

Larkin University (LU) offers a payment plan that allows students to pay tuition and fees during the school year. These payments consist of 12 equal payments during a 12 months’ period for the total tuition and fees amount due.

For additional details, please contact our Bursars’ Office.

Luis Miguel Gonzalez

Email: lgonzalez@larkinhospital.com

Phone: (786) 877-9235

Our office is pleased to provide a monthly budget worksheet, courtesy of Sallie Mae Loans. Click on the button below to access your monthly budget worksheet.

Contact Us!

Students should make an appointment with the Office of Student Financial Services to ensure they are following the correct processes to obtain the funding needed.

Ms. Yaidani Rivero

Director of Financial Services

Email: yrivero@ularkin.org

Tel: (305) 760-7513

Fax: (305) 760-7448