Research Foci

As a new practitioner trained in ambulatory care, my area of interest includes prevention and treatment of chronic disease states.  I am also interested in evaluating the role of the pharmacist in the outpatient setting and in transitions-of-care.   My goal is to use this research to help create positions in ambulatory care for our students to fill upon completion of ambulatory care training.

As a new faculty member, educational research has become a new interest. I am continuously striving to find better ways to help students learn and retain information especially in a block learning format.


Implementation of pharmacist review in patients discharged to a skilled nursing facility.  Podium presentation at: 138th Annual Ohio Pharmacists Association Annual Conference and Trade Show.  2016 April; Columbus OH.

Assessment of electronically retrievable admission risk factors in the outpatient setting.  Poster presentation at: Resident Poster Session. 50th Annual ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting.  2015 Dec; New Orleans LA.

Patient knowledge and satisfaction with rivaroxaban video.  Podium Presentation at: 30th Annual Great Lakes Pharmacy Residency Conference.  2015 Apr; West Lafayette IN.

Sedlacek J. Assessment of discharge medications in patients with heart failure readmissions.  Poster presentation at: Resident Poster Session.  49th Annual ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting. 2014 Dec; Anaheim CA.