On January 2017 Larkin Health Sciences Institute proudly celebrated the graduation of their Masters of Biomedical Sciences Program students at at Café Catula in Miami, FL. We congratulate Katheryn Paola Mansur, David Ricardo Serrano and Geraldo Santana on their achievement.


The Masters of Biomedical Sciences Sciences program at LHSI prepares students who have completed an undergraduate degree for their application to medical or dental school. Larkin Health Sciences Institute educates students in a multicultural, multiethnic environment utilizing interprofessional education, modern technologies, and knowledge founded on evidence-based science to serve the needs of our community, our nation and the world.  The Institute’s close relationship with the Larkin Health System uniquely exposes students to professional opportunities in healthcare.


If you would like information about the academic programs at Larkin Health Sciences Institute you may call us at 305-760-7500 or visit www.ularkin.org.