April 6, 2017


As President of Larkin Health Sciences Institute (LHSI), I have the privilege and honor to announce to our Larkin Health System that we are now officially Larkin University.  On January 30, 2017, the Florida Department of Education Commission for Independent Education voted to approve our name change request in acknowledgement that our current programs are all at the graduate level.  The minutes from that meeting and vote were finalized and documented on March 23, 2017.


Larkin University was originally considered almost ten years ago by our Chairman of the Board, Dr. Jack Michel, to improve patient care through creating a learning and teaching environment.  The University formally became established as LHSI in 2013 with our Articles of Incorporation as a not for profit entity followed shortly thereafter in 2014 with the Florida Department of Education approval to offer a Master’s Degree in Biomedical Sciences.  In 2015 the State approved the Doctor of Pharmacy Degree, which was followed by programmatic approval to begin the program in 2016.  Although there are plans and approval to offer other degrees, including a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), these other programs will grow in time.  Our next major goal will be to offer a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO).


The mission of Larkin University is “To educate students in a multicultural, multiethnic environment utilizing interprofessional education, modern technologies, and knowledge founded on evidence-based science to serve the needs of our community, our nation and the world.”


Achieving our mission is made possible by being in such a diverse and wonderful location as Miami-Dade County, and through the partnership of all of the entities of the Larkin Health System. Faculty of the Colleges of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences have clinical practice sites at Larkin hospitals and students have the benefit of training at these hospitals.  In turn, the hospitals have the benefit of staying current in evidence-based medicine and new opportunities for scholarship and research.


Please follow our website at www.ULarkin.org for new updates and changes as we begin our new branding campaign.