Research Foci

Hyperglycemia is an independent predictor of poor prognosis and outcomes in stroke. My research focuses on studying the impact of hyperglycemia on stroke outcomes, and on investigating the underlying mechanisms through which hyperglycemia exacerbates the neurovascular injury and worsens the functional outcomes after stroke. Pursuing the fight against stroke, I am dedicated to conduct research that aims to explore novel therapeutics that can be employed in ameliorating the neurovascular injury and improving the functional outcomes after stroke. In one of my research projects, I have pointed out matrix metalloprotease 3 (MMP3) as a critical mediator of hemorrhagic transformation in hyperglycemic stroke, and its inhibition significantly improved stroke outcomes. I am also interested in developing novel non-pharmacological therapeutic approaches, like exercise and remote ischemic conditioning, to be employed in stroke therapy to reduce the injury and improve the outcomes.


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