Congratulations on your admission to the Larkin University College of Pharmacy. Each of you has been selected to be part of Class of 2021 because of your determination and passion for becoming a pharmacist and for your commitment to hard work.

I’m personally very excited to welcome you to our unique learner-centered program and want to ensure that you are prepared to get started as soon as you arrive on campus for Orientation. Orientation is mandatory for all students and will take place during the week of July 30, 2018, and the first day of the classes will be August 07, 2018. Please read this webpage in its entirety and note the deadlines for each section. I encourage you to download the checklist on this webpage in order to assist you in keeping track of the deadlines. If you have any questions, please email the Office of Admissions at or call us at (305) 760 – 7488.

All of us at Larkin look forward to welcoming you to our campus in the fall.


Daniyal Saud, M.Ed.

Director of Admissions

All pre-requisite courses must be completed by July 13, 2018, with a grade of C or better.

Official transcripts of all completed coursework must be received to the Office of Admissions by July 30, 2018.

Official transcripts can be sent electronically to They can also be sent via U.S. mail to: Office of Admissions, Larkin College of Pharmacy, 18301 N. Miami Avenue, Miami, FL 33169.

Immunization and Health Requirements

  • Documentation of acquired or natural immunity to the following diseases is required prior to enrollment in the Larkin College of Pharmacy: measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR), varicella (chicken pox), tetanus-diphtheria-pertussis, hepatitis B, and proof of a recent (within 6 months prior to entering the program) two-step tuberculosis skin test (PPD).  Students are also required to complete a physical exam. All students must document their status on the Enrollment Immunization Form, Physical Exam Form, and Two-Step PPD Skin Test Form, all of which can be downloaded by clicking on the buttons below.
  • These specific LU forms must be completed IN FULL. Separate or piecemeal documentation WILL NOT be accepted.
  • Completion of the Enrollment Immunization Form and Physical Exam Form must be submitted by the deadline stated below:
Enrollment Deposit Deadline Immunization and Health Requirement Forms Deadline
September – December February 1st, 2018
January – April May 1st, 2018
May and later June 1st, 2018
  • Important: if you are initiating the Hep B series, it takes 6 months to complete all 3 doses. You must submit proof that you have started your first dose of the series no later than the deadline indicated above.
  • For all students, regardless of the enrollment deposit deadline the Two-Step Tuberculin (PPD) Skin Test Form must be completed after March 15th and submitted by June 1, 2018.

Completed forms may be scanned and uploaded to the link below. Should you have any questions you may contact Ms. Stephanie Aponte, Experiential Education Coordinator, at 305-760-7476 or via email at

Health Insurance

Each student is required to have active health insurance during their entire enrollment at Larkin College of Pharmacy. We have included the cost of health insurance coverage in our Cost of Attendance and you are permitted to add this need to your loan funds request. If you will be accessing coverage through the ACA Marketplace at, the open enrollment period begins November 1st for 2018 coverage.  If you are losing employer coverage next year in order to start school, you may qualify to enroll during a Special Enrollment Period.  You must start the process at least 45 days in advance (no later than June 15th) to allow adequate time for processing.

Proof of health insurance coverage is required to be uploaded online by clicking on the “Submit Proof of Health Insurance” button below by July 23, 2018.

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact Ms. Donysha Givens, University Registrar at 305-760-7514 or via email at

Financial Services and Cost of Attendance’

Larkin University offers Private Student Loans through various lenders. Private Student Loans are applied for on an annual basis, at the beginning of the academic year. Private Student Loans are based on the creditworthiness of the borrower. You can increase your chances of being approved and receiving a lower interest rate by applying with credit-worthy co-borrower. Repayment begins after graduation or after a student falls below less than half-time or student’s last date of attendance, whichever comes first. Private Student Loan interest rates different for all lender, depending on the borrower’s credit history.

Understanding your rights and responsibilities is extremely important when considering Private Student Loans. Choose the loan that is most suitable for you by considering each lender’s terms and conditions. We have established a standard allowance for your direct and indirect expenses. The direct expenses are tuition and fee charges to the student’s account made by the institution as detailed on the below chart. Included in the Cost of Attendance (COA) budget are expenses that are indirectly related to your education, such as an estimate for housing, food/household supplies, transportation and personal miscellaneous expenses. In keeping with common practice among financial aid administrators, the cost for indirect expenses is intended to provide a “modest but adequate” standard of living, which is estimated not to exceed 58% of your total tuition and fees charges. Students can apply for and receive financial resources up to their Cost of Attendance budget. It is our recommendation that students borrow only what is needed and what he/she reasonably repay. Loan applications must be completed online through each lender’s website. Upon approval, the lender will notify Larkin University electronically. Please click here to learn more about all the loan options offered by our lenders and how to understand your credit score. We have compiled a list of scholarship resources that are offered outside of Larkin University. You can find a full list of scholarships on our website, Please browse each link to determine eligibility requirements and application deadlines. You may also apply for any additional scholarship on your own. Please contact the Director of Financial Services, Ms. Yaidani Rivero, or 305-760-7513 to begin your application process. To visit Larkin University Financial Services Website, click on the button below.

Academic Self-Study Preparation

The faculty and administration of the COP recognize that students typically struggle with pharmaceutical calculations and advanced sciences during their first semester in pharmacy school.  With this awareness, we are providing you with self-study resources that you can use to prepare for the first-semester curriculum at the COP.  Additionally, we have created two self-assessments to help you determine your readiness for entering the Pharm. D. program.  You will not receive a grade on this assessment and it will not become a part of your academic record.

Once completed, if you’d like feedback from our professors, you may scan it and email it no later than July 15th, 2018.  They will review your work, provide you with guidance, and refer you to the most appropriate self-study resources.

Pharmaceutical Calculations Self-Assesment: Dr. Uddin,

Advanced Sciences Self-Assesment: Dr. Venkata,

During Orientation, you will be given a similar assessment that will be used to determine the areas in which you may need additional assistance.  Academic preparation workshops will be offered during Orientation.

We encourage all students to use the self-study resources and workshops during Orientation to assist you in preparing to enter the Doctor of Pharmacy program.

Student ID Picture

Larkin University College of Pharmacy issues University ID to every matriculated student to gain access to the campus facilities. Students are expected to carry their ID on them at all times. Students are required to submit a passport size picture to the University by July 13, 2018, by uploading it as a .JPG file below.


Orientation will be held the week of July 30, 2018 and is mandatory for all students. Orientation will include sessions such as expectations for professional students, the assessment and progression process, academic preparation, team building with your learning group, and social activities. If you are not already living in the area, we encourage you to move prior to Orientation so you can focus on preparation for the first year of Pharmacy school.

White Coat Ceremony

The White Coat Ceremony is an important and exciting event for pharmacy students as you are welcomed into the profession. The ceremony is tentatively scheduled at the end of the Orientation week. We will send more information as the details are finalized. We encourage you to invite family and close friends to this very special ceremony. You will receive more information about the ceremony closer to the start of the orientation week.

College of Pharmacy Accreditation Statement

Larkin University (LU) College of Pharmacy’s Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) program was granted Candidate status by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) on June 24, 2017. The ACPE accredits Doctor of Pharmacy programs offered by Colleges and Schools of Pharmacy in the United States and selected non-US sites. For a Doctor of Pharmacy program offered by a new College or School of Pharmacy, ACPE accreditation generally involves three steps: Precandidate status, Candidate status, and Accredited status.

With respect to clarification of the meaning of Candidate status, graduates of a program so designed would, in the opinion of ACPE, have the same rights and privileges of those graduates from a fully accredited program. The Candidate status denotes a developmental program that is expected to mature in accord with stated plans within a defined time period. It should be underscored, however, that decisions concerning eligibility for licensure by examination or reciprocity reside with the respective state boards of pharmacy in accordance with their state statutes and administrative rules. Should Candidate status be awarded to a program, ACPE would, however, make its position known and make recommendations consistent with that position.